About us

We are a team of managers with many years of experience in matters of Internationalization 

In the past, we have helped companies grow...

1) Finding Partners in other Countries

2) Expanding into Foreign Markets

3) Participating in International Fairs



Is Your Company ready to make the big leap towards international markets?

If you want a positive answer to this question you can rely on a team that will accompany you, step by step, all the way: Task force international!

In facing the current economic situation, Italian companies have to redefine themselves in order to define a structure that will allow them to engage and succeed in foreign markets. Often enough, Top Management does not want to face such challenge as going abroad for reasons such as the following: 

1) fear of failing in unchartered territory;

2) lack of knowledge about foreign markets and industries;

3) lack of investment funds to implement these new opportunities;

4) the company’s inexperience to manage a larger and more complicated  operational structure.


Task Force focuses on those companies that have built a valuable asset and now intend to build a long-lasting garden!

We are a true TASK FORCE of professional with long-term experience both in market reseach and in successfully taking companies abroad.

We offer a 360° service through top-level managerial experts.


Are you looking for a solution for your Company?

Is your company at an operational standstill or cannot find opportunities for the future? And cannot perform a detailed analysis of the period it is going through?

Is the current management capable of handling the difficulties from a human and commercial perspective especially at an international level?

Is your company capable of changing its processes, products and services allowing it to return to competitiveness?

Is your company thinking of operating internationally but does not have the experience to do so?

Does your company have standards of excellence in terms of technical competencies but lacks the experience to transfer them to other markets?

Would you like a trusted international partner to expand your global presence but do not know how to find one?


...We can intervene on your specific issue, identifying all possible solutions, with the objective of accompanying you step by step until the objective is reached.