Ready To Go Abroad?

- Is there a person within your current structure that is fluent in the language spoken in the Country of Interest?

- Do you have knowledge of the Market of Interest?

- Are you aware of what your company needs to successfully have an international presence?

- Do you know how to find a reliable partner for your strategic initiatives?


Any company interested in foreign markets will have to have answers to such questions and face many challenges.

Few companies have the internal resources necessary to face these obstacles and this is just the beginning.


Successively your Company will need:

- A trusted contact in the country of interest;

- Customs and Market Research in the country of interest;

- Determine how to promote your products in the country of interest;

- Analyze the necessary Logistics;

- Master you local laws and regulations;

- Determine financial aspects and forms of payment.



Therefore it is essential to be supported in every aspect to insure your goal is reached successfully. TFI will support you in each of these phases.