Analysis of the current status of the company

Analysis of the current status of the company or client to determing improvements (operational, commercial and/or HR) as well as feasibility of international expansion. 

This analysis will include:

- Meeting with all stakeholders who will expose their issues and success factors (Mind-shaker Meeting)

- Individual Meetings with management to discuss specific issues;

- Meeting with Legal and Finance to review company situation; 

- Meeting with employee focus groups to confirm problems and issues.



Economic and operational feasibility

Economic Feasibility: Anaysis of the current financial situation to determine possible areas of intervention. Evaluation and support, if pertinent, on financing solutions;

Operational Feasibility: Analysis of current procedures with the objective of improving operations in order to manage greater productivity and a larger structure with efficiency and effectiveness. 

Human resource feasibility

Analysis of all Human Resources to determine the feasibility of expanding internationally through:

- Internal personnel;

- Additional resources trained ad-hoc to support new international structure;

- Task Force’s international personnel service

Market feasibility

Prior to deciding whether to go abroad, it is necessary to analyze the market and determine:

- If expansion is feasible;

- In which markets to focus the international strategy

- Analysis of the products and services 

Task Force has an internal team that carries out every step of this process.

Sector analysis

Determine if the company has the capability to simply increase its production capacity or whether it can consider expanding abroad with a start-up or through international partners.

Looking for a partner?

You have already succeeded on the internal analysis of your company and are now ready to expand internationally, but...  lack the means to find a trustworthy partner in your country of interest? 

TFI will find the partner for you and will define the possible strategies after a thorough analysis of the partnership’s potential. 

Additional services

- Intermediation services bringing together innovative supply and demand;

- Patent support;

- Support for international fairs;

- Re-structuring of Sales organization to face new international strategy;

- Creation of national and international commercial networks;

- Institutional agreements;

- Communication and contract definition.